“It has been my joy to labor with Cliff and Stephanie Canipe since 1995. We were brought together by our mutual desire to help the body of Christ in Africa through teaching and other ministry. Since then we have been together as co-laborers in many nations and many conferences. Their faith, integrity, warmth, friendliness, and love for Christ’s body is outstanding. Their knowledge of the scriptures and ability to present that knowledge in a meaningful, easy to understand way is wonderful. They are a generation coming after me, and I rest easy knowing the ministry of teaching and relating to the peoples of the world will be in good hands like those of Cliff and Stephanie Canipe.”

Rene Brown, President, Foundation Ministries International, Kerrville, Texas

“Cliff and Stephanie love Father. Since they love Father, they obey and honor Father, and they love people. When we obey and honor and love, everything that we touch is successful and everywhere we go is changed. Where Cliff and Stephanie go, beautiful things grow!”

Richard Henderson, Founder, Fellowship of the Sword Ministries, Fort Worth, Texas