Teaching and Equipping

Our primary calling is to teach and equip believers in their relationship with Jesus Christ. We are grateful for others who have different callings such as evangelism, church planting, and community ministries. However, we know that God has called us to help existing believers grow in their relationship with Jesus so that they can be fruitful in every area of their lives and do the work of ministry in whatever setting they find themselves.

Equippers International is a ministry that desires to see every believer growing and maturing in their relationship with Jesus. One way that we believe this happens most effectively is by knowing and believing His word.

One of the ways we help to equip and train believers is through teaching. We believe teaching has great value in the lives of people who are open to learn and grow in their relationship with the Lord. As they are taught and led into a fuller revelation of Jesus, they have life-changing experiences. Jesus said, “You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32). We love seeing people come into a deeper knowledge of the truth and experience freedom in their lives.

Another way that we equip believers is through practical discipleship. We believe that in order to impact people’s lives you must be willing to spend time together with them. Because of our high value of relationships, we invest in people. We have learned that a transactional approach to ministry can be very impersonal and ineffective. So, as best we can, we are intentional about investing our lives into people. In this context we not only see others growing and changing but we also are deeply impacted in our own lives.